Wednesday, March 22, 2006


We now have appointments for the children's hospital for July 2006, so 4 months time. Between now and then I have half a rainforest of paperwork to complete, if I don't lose it first!!

The first appointment is with a Paediatric ENT and that is at the beginning of July, the second appointment is for the Dysphagia Clinic and is 3 weeks later. So we'll have two trips into London on the train, fortunatly they are both early afternoon appointments, but I'm thinking we'll still have one rush hour to deal with, as Michael doesn't do crowded commuter trains very well!

Last time we took him into London on the train, was for his Videofluroscopy, when we discovered that Michael has his swallow issues, and we bought nibbles from the concourse to eat on the train on the way home, and just as the train was pulling out of the station, Michael's gag reflex kicked in, got us some strange looks from the others on the train!!

But I'm looking forward to going and hopefully getting some answers as to what is going on with the snoring, SAT's dropping etc.....if its something and nothing and therefore can be forgotten about, or if it's just one more complication to add to the list!

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