Wednesday, November 07, 2007


This is the update I promised months ago!

It's quite honestly been a bad year this year, firstly with my own health, and having had viral meningitis which wiped me out for months, and I still get the occasional pain in my neck/back of my head which knock me out for 24/48 hours. I've also developed some other issues that my GP has decided is stress! So I'm now on reflux med's too, although mine are a stronger dosage than Michael's!!

Since I last posted Michael had his tonsils and adenoids removed at GOS, our over-night stint in hospital turned into a 4 day extravaganza!! Floppy airways tend to close off when there is nothing to support them, SAT's levels through the floor and 02 requirement through the roof!! This was followed a week later by a re-admission for bleeding; (We we're the less than 1% they mentioned when the discussed the possibility of a re-bleed.)

He's still in 02 at night, still has those big dark patches around his eyes and still has a runny nose - all the things we thought would go once his T&A's had been removed!

We've had another sleep study done which showed that Michael still has Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, admittedly it's better than it was before the T&A's were removed , but it's still there.

We also had a repeat videofluroscopy done - to see if removing the T&A's had improved things in the swallow department. I was quite optimistic, at the time when the SALT told me things looked good - but then the report came through which showed basically nothing has changed, there's no improvement.

We've also been through a stage of removing the reflux medication because he should have "grown out" of it now - and we've had to put him back on, so we have an appointment this month with the Gastro, be interesting to see what she says!

Back to see the Resp in December - be interesting to see what he has to say too, as it's our first appointment since the results of the sleep study came back!

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