Thursday, February 09, 2006

medical bits

I spoke to Michael's Paed today it appears that she isn't able to refer to the hospital we would like to take him too either. In order for us to get a referral there, we have to go to the ENT at our local hospital, who then have to request a tertiary(?) referral, to that hospital, because it's something that they can't deal with. Which given his swallow issues there is every possibility that it could be more than just adenoids, and his Paed wants everything ruling out first, which our local ENT won't be able to do............are you with me on this??

Basically this means waiting x number of months for an appointment with ENT here,
to then be told we can't do this, we will refer to Y,
so then we wait x number of months for an appointment there,
When we could have all been saved a load of hassle, by being referred to Y in the first place.

Can someone please tell me where the best interests of the patient comes into this game??

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