Thursday, February 02, 2006

Night Time

We managed to get hold of the SAT's monitor from the hospital in order to do some overnight readings on Michael. My main concern was what if any affect the snoring is having on his sleep.

I have to confess to being really confused now, the first night we did, when I put Michael onto the SAT's monitor he was sitting at 89% and the desire to put him into 02 there and then was immense, but I restrained myself thinking we needed a clear picture of just what was going on.

He did not have a good night, when I printed it off Tuesday morning his average was 90% with 20% of the night sat's in the 70's and 80's.

So we tried again Tuesday night, I sat watching him for a while, just to see what was happening with his numbers...he was sitting quite happily at 95% which was wonderful, and then he started dropping his numbers, finally settling on 82% before he picked himself back up to 95% He did this half a dozen times before picking himself up and sitting at 95%.

When I printed it off Wednesday he had an average of 95%, with a small percentage down into the 80's.

So we did it again last night, just to see, again when he went on the machine, he wasn't snoring and his sat's were sitting at 95% and this morning that was his average, with a small percentage of drops into the 80's.

So, now I am totally confused, was Monday just a bad night???? But what about the dips in his SAT's into the 80's on Tuesday and Wednesday this normal?? Do we all do this normally as part of our sleep pattern??

But going on Tuesday and Wednesday nights readings maybe his snoring isn't affecting his sleep that much, but then why does he look so tired right now, and why am I having to peel him from between his sheets in the mornings??

Confused.......?? Me too???

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