Saturday, January 13, 2007

Update 2 - Sleep issues

There was some talk of the possibility that Michael had Obstructive Sleep Apnoea

Arrangements were made for us to see an Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon, (ENT) at one of the Children's hospital's in London, we saw him in July.

This was another journey round the houses in the medical world, because we deal with different Health Authorities there is a question of funding, so we have to go from A via B to C, when for some things we are already at C, or we can go straight to Z. The best part is the Dr at A can't refer us directly to C, the hospital who know Michael so well and have been involved in his life since he was 11 weeks old - but they can to Z. Which is a completely different hospital that has had minimal imput since he was 4!

Anyway we saw the ENT, who recommended that Michael have his tonsils and his Adenoids removed, we received a date for Surgery in October.

Long story short, surgery; we were informed the day before, had been cancelled, when a letter dropped through the front door, this letter had been sent to everyone involved in Michael's care explaining why surgery had been cancelled a week earlier.

There seems to be some discussion going on as to what Michael's sleep issues actually are, the Resp is saying that he doesn't actually think Michael's sleep issue are actually anything to do with his tonsils and adenoids, but infact are down to lung issues. So the ENT wanted to review the results of the sleep study before surgery.

Although I was glad surgery had been put on hold, because if it's not necessary then there is no point in doing it, but I have to confess to being some-what peeved that everyone else had known a week before we were told that surgery had been cancelled.

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