Saturday, January 13, 2007

Update 1 - orchidopxy/hernia surgery

I promised an update on why I hadn't posted around here for a little while, and what had been happening in our lives since I last posted. It might be easier to post the updates in different posts, so this I guess will be update 1!

Things have been as always - chaotic. I guess part of my reason for not posting has been 'preemie burn-out' as I call it. When we entered the world of prematurity 7 years and 2 months ago, I remember quite clearly asking when all this would be over. What I didn't realise at the time and no-one saw fit to enlighten me was, that it will never be over. The Consequences of Michael's early birth will be with him, and with us for the rest of his and certainly our lives. Every so often the enormity of this hits home, and I get to the stage where I don't feel like I can deal with it. I withdraw and take time out to lick my wounds, re-charge my batteries before I feel like I am ready to take on the world again.

When Michael was 19 weeks old he had his bi-lateral inguinal hernia's repaired, at the time we were told to keep an eye out for his testicles, because there was every possibility that they would not appear by themselves.

When Michael was 2 and they still hadn't appeared I mentioned this to my GP and was told that it was alright, they'd come down by themselves. To be honest over the years they have become the least of our worries. Until this subject was brought up by another preemie parent, it then dawned - like a little light bulb!! That at 6 I still hadn't seen Michael's! After a heated discussion with the GP about why they were not likely to re-appear by themselves, we were referred back to see the Surgeon. Our appointment was in Jan 06, surgery happened the first week of the school holidays. The older Children went to Grandparents for the week, whilst DH and I spent our time at the hospital - lots of fun for them, but not much for Michael, bless him.

We were told to expect surgery to last roughly an hour, not sure if someone was being slightly ambitious, because 4 hours later we were being called to recovery, where the dreaded "word" 'PICU' was mentioned. Michael's testicles were buried in the scar tissue from his hernia repair, it appears the surgeon had to dig them out of the scar tissue and then sew them into place, also re-doing the hernia whist he was in there, so I think it may have turned out to be slightly more complicated than was first thought it would be.

Michael spent the night in hospital and was discharged the following day, he squeaked all the way home in pain, at every lump and bump in the road, and then spent 3 days sitting on the sofa before we finally managed to get him up and walking with support, gradually reducing the amount of support, until he was managing by himself.

He is very proud of his scars, and is quite happy to show them to anyone!

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