Saturday, January 29, 2005

The Mistress is Back

How does nightmare on the M25 grab you??
The mistress has returned, "Daddy Bike" as Michael refers to her. "The Mistress" is my name for it, as I am a Motto-Guzzi widow.
This heap can do no wrong, 3 weeks ago, it was disappearing out of the street, on the back of an AA van, because parts of it's suspension had fallen off....this is an 18 month old bike, that has been looked after and treated well and with respect. It has not been thrashed, nor has it an excessive amount of mileage on it. Fortunatly the suspension fell apart on the drive and not on the motorway or I, well I dread to think.........
This is not the only thing that has gone wrong with it in the 18 months that DH has owned this bike, and let's just say I am not happy, I'm not impressed.
But as I said she can do no this morning we bundled the kids into the car, and drove them what felt like half way across the country to collect her. DH couldn't wait to get her back, I think he's felt like he has an arm missing or something, so has been like a bear with a sore head without her.
The trip there wasn't too bad...........apart from the odd request for a toilet stop, and the odd bickering it was ok
The trip home was a nightmare........................the kids fought and argued all the way home, Michael has worked out how to flip J's seat backwards and forwards using the small lever on the back of his seat. So J would suddenly find himself squashed or laid flat out having his hair pulled. On several occasions Michael turned on F, too, so I had all of them screaming and yelling at each other, with lots of tears and shouting, and there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it. You cannot stop on the M25!!
It was damp and wet, not the safest journey I've ever is moments like this that remind me why I like to go by myself without all the kids, and it is moments like this that remind me why I'm looking for respite for Michael. By the time we got home I was ready to burst I'd had about as much as I could stomach for one day.
Three screaming kids in the back of a Galaxy.............not my idea of fun!!!

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