Monday, January 31, 2005

The view of premature babies

So tiny, tender and precious, a preemie is a beautiful sight to behold! Her petite, delicate features hint at the beauty and promise of the young girl she will become. Imagine the hours you'll spend cuddling and loving this lifelike collectible preemie doll!
Now, you can shower this tiny infant with all the love in your heart with this collectible
preemie doll.

The Reality is very different.

Baby shown:-

Michael born at 24 weeks and 5 days, weighing 889 gms and 11" long.

Not held/touched until he was 8 weeks old, unless it was by the Dr's or Nurses, sticking needles etc into him. Had a large notice above his tray which stated "MINIMAL HANDLING" viewed mainly through a plastic bag

Hours spent crying??? perhaps a better question would be how many hours were you not crying!

Did I love him??.............. No, Why???............... because I was too frightened too. Want me to be really honest, he was the scariest thing I've ever seen, the machines, the wires, the tubes, the noise, and in amongst all this was my baby. Nothing on earth prepares you for this, certainly not the above "preemie doll" which looks like it has more fat on it that my 36 weeker

Number of times we were told he was going to die within the first month,...............I lost count, future what future, you live from minuite to minuite, hour to hour...........

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