Monday, January 17, 2005

Welcome to my Blog

I've set this blog up as a continuation of the website, there is too much going on in our lives to fit it all on one page of the website so I thought a Blog would give those who are interested the chance to learn more.

If you haven't visited Michael's website you won't be aware of the background history, I would recommend you read the website

It will let you know where we are, where we've been and how we got here!!

Let me introduce my family.

Me - Preemie Mum, in Human resources, the next generation.

DH - Preemie Dad, a Police Officer.

Son number one, N. is now 13 years old.

Son number two, J. is now 6 years old.

Son number three, and our preemie, Michael, is now 5 years old

And last but not least the baby of the family

Is our Daughter F. who is now 3 years old.

Welcome to our lives

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