Thursday, June 09, 2005

Today is

Thursday, DH left at 5am to go to Ireland for the weekend....

Can I just say if we make it to Monday in one piece it will be nothing short of a miracle.

You just do not want to know how stressed and tired I am right now, but I'm going to tell you anyway - ;-)

We did an overnight reading last night to check on Michael's saturation levels, given how chesty he's been, I wanted to know before I take him away, what's going on with the chest, do we need to be looking at putting him back into Oxygen at night or is he doing ok, if he needs oxygen then I need to get a script for the cylinders or try to find somewhere in the car for the concentrator!! Anyway his sat's overnight were 92% average, not brilliant but not bad. Acceptable to his Consultant so we got a stay on the Oxygen!!

It is Thursday today, and every other Thursday is a swimming day at school, Michael is having difficulty comprehending that he doesn't go every week, only every other week. This morning I had to wake him, he didn't really want to move, but when he did the first thing he said was "Swimming today" when Mummy said "not today" it wasn't long before Mummy realised that was a bad move!!

We had tears, tantrums and a repeated insistance that it's "swimming today" He was still tearful when he got in the taxi to go to school.

I have to say I got a lovely hug when he came home from school, but with all the building work going on around here, we have no accessible garden, and because of the lack of a sense of danger, Michael would not think twice about getting into places he shouldn't, so as soon as I locked the door behind him, it started!!

I was so glad when bedtime arrived!!!

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