Wednesday, June 15, 2005

We've been away.......

So really..........we are still away! We moved out for a few days and left DH at home with the builders for company!

I think I mentioned that they were going to put in a metal beam across the ceiling in my bedroom, the thoughts of all the dust etc. and the damage that it could reak on what are already very delicate lungs, it seemed the most sensible thing to remove the kids from out of the house. (Didn't go down too well with certain schools, who object to their pupils taking holidays in term time, that and they didn't get 3 weeks required notice!! But that's a whole other post!!!) I said seemed like a good idea at the time, from Michael's lungs point of view probably the best idea....from my sanity's point of view - BAD MOVE!!

We arrived Saturday, and we've had a great time, although I must admit the weather hasn't been the best, Sunday we did Brocklesby Steam Rally, and Monday we went to The Deep. (I promise to post some photo's when I get home!)
Yesterday and today due to bad weather, we stayed home, baked and built models with maize. So it's been a good few days, but they have been long days, and stressful nights.

Night-time has been a nightmare! 10pm tonight, Michael was still wide awake, his sister having only just gone to bed, & this is a quiet night.

Last night it was 11pm before they all went to sleep, the night before just short of midnight, and Michael awake at 4am being sick!

Can I say I'm really looking forward to getting home tomorrow and getting them back into their own beds!! I am really hoping that they will go back to early bed-times and going to sleep at night. I may have a battle on my hands!!

Any ideas????

BTW: if your interested, it looks like Hubby had a good time over the here
I'm seriously contemplating joining the forum he belongs to, as "guzziwidow" - just to keep up with what's going on in my husbands life. Yes I'm pee'd off, and yes I would seriously like to remove the wheels from his machine and lose them. Does it show!!

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