Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Frustrated again!

It's been half term week around here for the last week so I haven't been able to post as much.

Friday's occasional day really threw Michael's routine to the wall, we had a difficult afternoon Friday, because he couldn't work out why everyone else was in school and he was home. F, has started going to nursery in the afternoon, which is a whole new experience for Michael.

When he goes to school in the morning she is here, when he gets home she is here, and I guess it's never figured that she too goes to school. We spent most of Friday afternoon with Michael in tears wanting F. & J. from school.

Friday evening Grandma and Grandad came down for the weekend, to celebrate F's birthday, so we had a busy weekend doing lots of different things with my parents, including another birthday party for F, (who's birthday was the 19th)...she's now 4, where has my baby gone???

Tuesday I took Michael to the Dr's to request a referral back to the surgeon who repaired his hernia's. After a battle of wills, we now have to wait for an appointment, we may be looking at further surgery to sort out his little problem of missing bits of his anatomy!! Need I say more??

Whilst I was at the surgery I asked about flu vaccinations for us all as a family...we've always all had them previously, the idea it prevents us all getting the flu, bringing it home to Michael, and also stops us from getting sick, and being unable to look after Michael.....he usually spends so much of the winter sick anyway, without the flu being an added complication. I was told that they were only vaccinating critical care and the elderly at the moment, but they would talk to the Dr about it, and to ring back later.

I rang back today to be told that my oldest could have the vaccination, because he is an asthmatic, but the rest of us were not eligible, until December time, and only then if they had any vaccines left.

After I'd put the phone down it suddenly occurred to me that Michael's name hadn't been mentioned. So I rang back, to be told that Michael wasn't eligible......... To say I was spitting with anger is an understatement.

Michael has Chronic Lung Disease - his lungs operate at roughly 35-40% capacity how can you say he isn't eligible?? My son has just spent three weeks in oxygen because of a cold, how sick exactly does he have to be, to be eligible????.

The reply was - "does that have anything to do with his respiritory system??"

I understand that Doctor's receptionist's are not Dr's, I know that they are not medically trained, I know that she does not have the same knowledge as I do, when it comes to Michael and his medical issues. But I would have hoped that working in a surgery she may have picked up some clues from somewhere, that when we are talking lung issues, that, yes we are talking respiritory system.

I did try to explain as patiently as I could, that the lungs are part of the respitritory system and as such the issues he has with his lungs should have made him critical care.

What I really wanted to do was scream...........I couldn't believe that they were turning Michael down for a vaccination that is recommended he has, by every Consultant he see's.

This is the official version of flu vaccinations as taken from NHS Direct:


Flu is a highly infectious illness, which spreads very rapidly by coughs and sneezes from people who are already carrying the virus. The virus circulates every winter, usually over a period of a few weeks, so that a lot of people get ill around the same time.

See your GP about the flu jab if you’re 65 or over, or if you have any of these problems (however old you are):

a serious heart or chest complaint, including serious asthma,

serious kidney disease,


lowered immunity due to disease or treatment such as steroid medication or cancer treatment.

Your GP may also advise you to have the flu jab if you have serious liver disease.
If you’re the parent of a child (over the age of six months) with a long-term condition, speak to your GP about the flu jab. Your child’s condition may get worse if they do catch flu.

If you’re the carer of an elderly or disabled person make sure they’ve had their flu jab.

You should also get the jab yourself if their welfare is at risk (i.e. you can’t look after them) if you fall ill.

Ask your GP for advice.

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