Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I haven't posted for a little while

Mainly because we've been busy trying to return the house to some kind of order, after the builders left. There has been lots of painting, decorating, carpet laying, wardrobe building, and lots of other things going on around here that have just taken up so much time recently, that I just haven't had the opportunity, or I admit the inclination to come in and update!! By the time the kids are going to bed, I'm not too far off following them these days!! I have to say I will be so pleased when it's all finished and things can go back to their proper homes, all the cardboard boxes that things are stored in at the moment have gone, and our house goes back to being our home!!

So please excuse me for having been a bad blogger recently, but I'm hoping to be able to post a bit more often and soon.

So what have we been doing, apart from lots of decorating???? Well the sponge up the nose was removed fairly easily, and the Ear Nose and Throat Dr, at the hospital was very nice about it!! So we didn't get into too much trouble for "allowing" Michael to shove sponge up his nose!!!

The children are all back at school, and F, has started afternoon nursery, which is taking some getting used to for me, because it means that she is around in the mornings, no real problem, I get her into school and as I'm getting back from dropping her off, the oldest one is home for lunch, so at the moment I have maybe an hour a day to do my housework, before I have to go and get them all from school. So I've gone from having a couple of hours a day to myself to an hour!! Does it sound bad if I say I miss that time???

Anyway, cold and flu season is here, well and truly, and has put Michael back into his oxygen at night again.....he's been back in for almost two weeks now. Starting early this year!! But faced with a choice of a little boy who is waking in the early hours and being sick, and then difficult to rouse in the morning for school, complaining of being tired and not feeling well, as he's throwing up everywhere - clearing his lungs so it's not exactly throwing up!! But you get the picture, we'll take the 02 and hope that it's not going to be a rough year this year!

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