Thursday, October 13, 2005

Physio Therapy

I had an interesting telephone conversation with the Physio Therapist at Michaels school today..

I need to explain, when Michael was younger he was referred to a physio, because of concerns about his physical development, we went, Michael was given exercises and special Piedro Boots, to help with his balance and gait issues. The Physio discharged Michael before he got his Autism Dx, mainly because at that time his communication and his behaviour issues impinged on just about everything.

When Michael came of school age, we got a written report from the Physio, who described Michaels issues as Hypotonia and Ligamentous Laxity...... (looseness of the ligaments. Children with ligamentous laxity are often "double jointed". This means they can bend their fingers, knees and elbows backwards without pain, and even rest their thumb on their forearm - something that most of us can't do.) This was about the only explanation I could find on the web. I also discovered I've been spelling it wrong for a while too!!!

Anyway can't say honestly that we've done any more about it, I guess we were working on that if it was a major issue someone would have done something.

Before the schools broke up in June I met with the Physio therapist at Michaels school to discuss his chest issues, I mentioned that Michael had hypotonia and Ligamentous Laxity and that he'd seen a physio previously. The physio at school said she would assess Michael to see if this was still an issue for him.

I thought no more about it, until the phone rang today, the Physio has assessed Michael, and his hypotonia and hypermobility.

Now this is a new word and I have to say threw me into a bit of a loop, but the more research I do the more I'm convinced it's the same thing as Ligamentous Laxity - also easier to say and spell!!! ((I am sure someone can help out, if I'm way off bat here and completely wrong!!))

Back to the whole point of this post, Michael will be getting insoles for his shoes, because his foot arches collapse, we are going to be getting exercises to do on a daily basis to strengthen the muscles in his feet, ankles and stomach.....So that little issue........I didn't think was an issue anymore..............Well it appears it is!

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