Saturday, October 15, 2005

Vent time

Some times I wonder what is going on with our NHS, it saddens me to hear other mum's experiencing the things that we went through with Michael and the lack of support out there that is available.

It heartbreaking to hear mum's with tube fed babies talking about how there little ones are losing weight, they can't afford to loose.....the dietician left, and as of yet has not been replaced, so mum's are struggling, don't know what to do, and no-one seems to care or want to all sounds so familiar.

I know there is a big Consultation ongoing at the moment, which is fine, but what they really need to be looking at is long term, the bigger picture. It's not down to me to make the decisions over whether or not micro-preemies should be saved...but I really do feel strongly that if they are going to continue then the services that follow need a good kick in the pants. A lot of these babes do not come home fit healthy newborns with no issues, a lot of them come home with lots of issues, and parents need the support and advice on how to deal with those issues, because in the long term it's the child that suffers, and not because the parents aren't trying everything in their power to get their child the best.

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