Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I am officially

fed-up................................ football in the living room, one very excited teenager, who keeps leaping into the dining room and frightening me silly, every-time Man Utd score, and as I write this Man Utd are winning 3-2 (Yawn!!) although I guess as one of their players apparently just got sent off, might not be long before that all changes!! There he goes again apparently it's 4-2 now..................................

Well, Michael is being "promoted" - he is currently in a school for children with mild/moderate learning disabilities, and is in the Base - this is a unit for children with Autism, within the school. A lot of the Autistic children start in this area of the school, and as they progress they are moved into the main part of the school. The Base has a higher level of staff to pupil ratio than the rest of the school, 1 staff memeber to 2 children...

They have decided that Michael doesn't need to be in the base any longer, he's doing so well, that he could be intergrated into the main part of the school. Here he'll go into a class of 6/8 with 2 members of staff. He came home tonight and proudly announced he "been new classroom today"

To be honest I'm not sure how I feel about it. I guess that probably sounds really strange, I should be really pleased, and I am.....but I still can't help but wonder, how he's going to be, when he doesn't have such intensive support, and I really hope that things don't change too much, and so spoil the enjoyment that he gets out of school.

What a worry wort eh??????

But we've had a reasonably good day today. None of us wanted to get up this morning which wasn't really a very good start to the day. DH is on a funny late shift, starts at 4pm and finishes at some silly hour in the morning like 3am! Which means by the time he's got home and unwound it's almost time to get up. At least with nights he's here in the evening!

Anyway, we were all awake sort of by 8am Michael's taxi arrives at 8.20, and I'm not sure Michael wanted to get up this morning. He was doing a good impression of my nephew, when he appeared at the bottom of the stairs in his duvet.

J. had physio today too, he's doing ok, but we need to make sure he does his exercises every-night, and I guess she'd have a fit, it we were honest enough to admit that his braces come off at night almost as soon as we're down the stairs!! He finds them so uncomfortable..............

And me, well I admitted defeat and have gone back on the anti-depressants......one of these days I will realise that I can't do it all!

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