Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Back from the Neuro

We saw the Neuro today, who went through Michael's MRI with us. He's done pretty well actually and it appears I was worried about nothing, ventricles are that pretty butterfly shape!!

Anyway, she did say that there is some loss of white brain matter in and around the end of the ventricles at the back of the brain. Given that he was extremely premature, and the stage of development that his brain was at when he was born, having had the bleeds into the ventricles etc there are some subtle changes in his brain, but no glaringly obvious bits missing etc.

His Learning Disability and the Autism come from the way his brain is wired, and this just doesn't show up on an MRI.

But Michael failed the facial muscle testing that he had done at the same time as his MRI, Michael has Bulbar Palsy. Although it doesn't show up on an MRI, because of where the damage is situated, it is seen as neurological, and explains the problems that he has with his feeding, and swallow reflex etc. When asked what this meant for the future in terms of eating and developing a swallow reflex, the neuro felt that things aren't likely to improve and that Michael is always going to have an issue with swallowing etc.

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