Tuesday, March 01, 2005

D-Day tomorrow

Tomorrow is our appointment with the Neuro, I have been going through the brain scans again this evening trying to work them out. This is the first time Michael has ever had an MRI scan so I have no idea at all if what I am looking at is right or wrong or somewhere in between.

When he was in NICU they were done through his fontanelle, I think, and we never got to see them, we were only told about them.

But I guess by this time tomorrow, we will know what the MRI showed, or didn't as the case maybe. I have to admit to being a bag of nerves right now, I've hit the chocolate that's how bad it is.
Michael is Michael and what ever we learn tomorrow is not going to change him, or anything about him or the way we feel about him. But in a strange way it almost feels like we are about to discover the family secret. You know the one everyone else refers to but no-one will tell you, the one that makes all the little pieces of the jigsaw fit into place!!

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