Thursday, March 10, 2005


Wow have we had a busy, busy day today. There was a tea-party at the school this afternoon, a chance to go and meet some of the other parents with children in the unit, and look at the work that the children are doing. I have to say Michael was really pleased to see me, and I got a lovely cuddle from him, which was wonderful.

Firstly, Michael will be moving up, he'll still be in the same school, but after the Easter Holidays he will be going full-time into another class. Very small class of about 6, with 2 teachers, but he won't be in the Autism base anymore.

The aim of the Autism base is working towards intergrating the children either into the main area of the school, which is mild-moderate learning disabilities, or if at all possible back into mainstream. I say mainstream, because one of Michael's peers is returning to mainstream after Easter. So that was good news, Michael is getting promoted.

We were given the opportunity to look at Michael's work, it appears that Michael is struggling with pencil control, any written work was done hand-over-hand. But it was lovely to see his efforts at colouring in, and picking out the biggest on the line, and his news book.

All Michael's teachers said what a lovely little boy he is, and how amazingly bossy he is! Apparently one of the aims he is working on at the moment is to "Stop talking and answering for everyone else" Image hosted by I think my son has a big mouth!!!

I also got chance to speak to the SLT, or Wendy Bitch as Michael call's her. No she's not, she is lovely, but Michael can't quite get his mouth around Speech and it comes out as Bitch. I digress, about Michael's most recent diagnosis......jury is still out on that one, so watch this space!

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