Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Social Stories

Social Stories, I have to say work really well with Michael, unfortunatly tonight when he was playing up I didn't have one to hand.

So I have ordered a couple of books on Social Stories from Amazon in the hope that they will help me put something together for him, to try and end these tantrums.

This is what Social Stories are:

What is a Social Story™?

This author first defined Social Stories early in 1991. Since that time, experience with Social Stories and an increasing understanding of the approach has resulted in revisions of the original definition. A Social Story is a process that results in a product for a person with an autistic spectrum disorder (ASD). First, as a process, a Social Story requires consideration of – and respect for – the perspective of the person with ASD. As a product, a Social Story is a short story – defined by specific characteristics - that describes a situation, concept, or social skill using a format that is meaningful for people with ASD. The result is often renewed sensitivity of others to the experience of the person with ASD, and an improvement in the response of the person with ASD.

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