Monday, February 28, 2005

Strange rash

Michael has developed a strange rash, yet again around his g-peg.

I'm kinda working on it being an excema type rash again, so have smothered him in Betnovate tonight in the hope that this takes the rash down.

Every so often one of these flares up, last time he had 4 swabs which all came back clear, so no infection, and we ended up with an emergency appointment to see a Dermatologist, who said that he thought the rash he had then was an excema caused by the seepage from his peg.

The rash he has now is a lot further spread, and not as red and angry looking as the last one. So fingers crossed it's the same type of thing and the cream will work.

Thing with the g-peg is you can only use certain types of cream, because others affect the material that the peg is made from and can cause them to rot and fall out!

The things we learn as we go along! Like vaseline and oxygen!!

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