Thursday, July 28, 2005

Goat Boy

We have been away since Monday, we went to Grandma's for a couple of days!

Tuesday we went to a farm near Lincoln, the kids love it here, they have a lovely selection of animals some in pens and some wandering around, and with it being summer lots of babies!!

Michael was really taken with the goats, so we bought some animal feed and Michael fed the goats.

See the one he's feeding in the picture?? Well I decided I was going to feed some of the smaller goats, and this one, well she wasn't very impressed with my feeding the she bit me! I have a nice bruise on my arm to show for it too!!

Anyway we got back today, and it was 3 hours of torture on the way home, almost crashed the car, whilst yelling at Michael, for kicking his brother!!! How do you control a child who is at the back of the car, (right at the back of the car, so he can't open doors and windows!!) who seems to almost have been taken over by some other being, i.e. developed two horns and a tail, and is screaming, yelling and generally pushing all the right buttons!! Michael knows just which buttons to push in order to wind others up; especially his oldest brother, and very, very successful at it he is too!!

My stress levels through the roof...doesn't help that I've been away for 4 days and forgot to take my tablets with me when we went away! Ooooops!! As the days passed I could feel my coping skills lessening...

When we got home the house is in chaos!! Me thinks it was perhaps not a good idea to have come back!! So I think we may well be going away again at the weekend, and leaving Dad at home with the builders!

I have to say though the extension is looking great, all the scaffolding is down, the windows are in, and the partition walls are down, so we can now get into the new part of the house! I've posted some pictures below.

The Plasterers come in Monday, I think we need to be away whilst the walls are being plastered, because I can see the "art work" that could well appear before the walls dry!!

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