Friday, July 29, 2005

I guess it's safe

to confess about this now. DH and I were interviewed a few weeks ago for a programme on BBC Radio 5. It's due to be broadcast this Sunday.

Radio 5

10:00 The Worricker Programme
Investigative journalism, current affairs, politics and showbiz gossip, with Julian Worricker.
Includes the Five Live Report, with Rebecca Sandles. Have your say - text 85058 [network rates apply]

Too Young to Live? An increasing number of children are suffering from serious disabilities, such as cerebral palsy or very low IQs, because medical advances meant that although they were born extremely prematurely, they were kept alive. Recent research shows that those born at less than 25 weeks are highly likely to have a disability - almost half will have severe or moderate disability.

Some parents now say it is cruel to keep these babies alive, that they should be left to die. Others believe every child must be given a chance. In whose interests is it to keep very premature babies alive? And should doctors or parents be the final arbiters of who lives, and who dies?

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