Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Sports Day

It was sports day at school yesterday, unfortunately the schools around here don't seem to be very well coordinated, so not only was it Michael's sports day, but it was J's sports day as well!! Both at the same time, at different schools, in different towns!!
Last year I only had to run between opposite ends of the same school field!! This year I was thinking there was no way, I was going to be able to do both!!

Any ideas as to how your supposed to split yourself in two, so that you can be at both sports days at the same time!

When DH returned home Monday night, from his weekend away. I thought he would be going straight to work, (first night shift), but it turned out he'd taken the night off, which meant he was around yesterday, so he went to Michael's sports day, and I did J's...BIG sigh of relief!!

I can't tell you a lot about Michael's sports day, except that he got a sticker for every race that he took part in. He did well, and seemed to enjoy himself!! (Oh and DH took part in a lot of the races too, apparently photo's to follow!!)
Anyway back to Michael, he loves stickers, and DH came home recounting a tale of "one sticker here, one sticker there, one over the eye" - "I'm a pirate" until the stickers lost their sticky!
This was lots of fun, until the teacher wanted Michael's stickers.
She wanted them because the stickers they get for taking part, are supposed to be stuck to a piece of card.....which they then laminate, and the child brings them home as a certificate!

So when it came to handing over the stickers, things fell apart !!!

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