Sunday, July 17, 2005


Well what a weekend, I know I've not written much around here this last week or so, but it's been fairly busy, and I have to admit to falling asleep fairly early!!

It will be another early night tonight too, daughter dear was up at 2am, then I had to get up at 3.30am to get oldest son to school for 4am for his school trip to the Rhineland, Germany, I got back from seeing him off at 5am, to be woken at 6am by number 2 son!! Tired!! Just slightly!!

We spent the day in the paddling pool, (yes me too!!) and the garden today, wow it has been so hot, and despite factor 50 sunblock for the kids, Michael seems to have caught the sun on his back! ---- One very embarrassed Mum here!! So after bath tonight I have smothered the kids in aftersun, and please, fingers crossed, for a good night!! He'd not burnt, just a little pink, which I have to say is fairly unusual for Michael, normally he just goes a golden brown colour!

Only one more week to go before they break up for the summer holidays, if the weather stays this way it's going to be a wonderful summer break!! Especially with the ongoing building work and scaffolding on earth am I expected to keep the kids indoors!! I just don't even want to think about it!

On another note, I am on my own again this weekend, apart from last night when my sister stayed over.

This is also the other reason I wasn't able to get near the Computer during the last week or so; it's been otherwise occupied, route planning, places to go, and things to see!!
DH is off with his two-wheeled mistress to the wilds of Scotland - He's gone to Fort William, one area of Scotland I've not been to yet, and I am insanely jealous as I would love to go. I have driven past the signs for Fort William but never actually managed to make it down into the town! Maybe one day!!

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