Monday, July 11, 2005

Resp Appt and other things

I should have posted this last Thursday, but it didn't seem appropriate, with everything that was happening in London. I was ironing, the house was empty, all the children in school and I thought I'd have some normality, catch up on the ironing and watch day-time T.V. no day-time TV just the news as events unfolded. The builders were putting in floor boards in the new bedroom - ok, so maybe not really an empty house, but as close as we get at the moment.

Thursday afternoon, Michael had an appointment with the resp consultant, it was a good appointment, according to their scales Michael is now on the 75th centile for weight whilst just below the 25th for height so we're talking about next time cutting back on the calories. We've had to increase the amount of fluids he gets in the hopes that this may water down some of his weight gain. Do the words diet and preemie's go together??

We also saw a neo who looked after Michael from 11 weeks of age when he was transferred there for his hernia surgery, and possible laser eye surgery. This Neo also became Michaels Cardiologist as he was the Consultant who scanned Michaels heart and discovered the ASD and the Pulmonary Stenosis. I have all the time in the world for this Dr, he is a lovely caring guy, who always treated us as equals, and made sure he found the time to explain what was happening with Michael. I guess he is also the reason we realized just how badly we had been treated, and how neglected we'd been at the other NICU.

Anyway, this wonderful guy has the most amazing memory, please bear in mind that he only became involved in Michaels care when he was 11 weeks old, and that he discharged Michael almost 3 years ago, the number of patients that he has, and see's, and he not only remembered us, but we had a very interesting conversation about how he'd only been talking about us the week before. It was lovely to see him again, and I guess he makes me realize that there are some wonderful people who work for our Health Service!

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