Sunday, July 03, 2005

Why are we cuddling??

Michael got out of the bath this morning, I've dried him off, and got him dressed, the first of many times I'll dress him today! Until I get fed up of re-dressing him, and then it will be birthday suit as usual.

He's playing 'boats', he's trying to climb up the end of the bunk-beds, and managed to get himself stuck. You could see it in his face, "now how do I get myself out of this one??"

I sat there watching him and knowing he was stuck, I waited for him to say, "Stuck" or "help"........but it never came, so I offered it. "Michael want help" (using the sign for help!)


As I was lifting him off the bunk bed I sat on the other single bed in the room, and pulled him down on top of me to give him a cuddle. His response! "W, W, W, W, W, Why having cuddle??"

When I said "it's nice to have cuddles, do you not like cuddles??" he just replied "Get up now" and left!

Sometimes I forget where we live!

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