Thursday, February 10, 2005

I can't believe it's

Thursday already, where has the week gone??? With one thing and another it has been a rough week.

Monday night was a bad night, F, seems to have developed a nasty cold, which has gone straight to her chest, so I spent Monday night sleeping downstairs with her.....

Despite being up at the crack of dawn Tuesday we managed to be late for school again, after the children were all safetly in school F, and I went shopping, how did I manage to spend so much??? Tuesday night was again spent on the sofa

Wednesday was spent trying to sort out finances for the extension, and last night was Michael's turn, he was awake at 1am and again at 4am. He was fairly chesty when he woke up this morning and pretty sick too, so I'm thinking at the moment that his chest is on it's way out.

Of course this morning we've also had all the excitment of the impromptu haircut too.

I am so tired today.....

She looks so sweet!!!

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