Thursday, February 10, 2005

I have a sick boy

When Michael was dropped off by the taxi tonight DH was told that Michael wasn't very well, apparently he fell asleep in the mini-bus this afternoon, and was still sleeping when the taxi turned up to collect him to bring him home.

It says in his home to school book that he has been coughing a lot today, and that he didn't keep any of his lunch down....this just isn't a good sign.

When I got home from running around collecting prescriptions and feed, Michael was sprawled on the sofa, bright red in the face and generally looking very sorry for himself. He wanted to be cuddled, this is another sign he's sick!

Checked his temp, he has a temp of 39.7 or 103 something, so he's been given 10mls of calpol in the hope that this will bring his temp down, his resp rate is hovering at 40 breathes a min, but every so often he's stopping breathing and spluttering as he's trying to clear the congestion. Back into 02 we go, in the hope that this helps ease his resp rate.

I have the feeling it is going to be yet another long night, and if things haven't improved by the morning I think we'll be paying either the Dr or the A&E dept a visit.

I'm sad because Michael had done so well this winter, and managed to avoid contracting anything he couldn't handle, but it looks as if this one is going to be the one that does him, and possibly puts him back into hospital! I guess on the bright side this is the first episode this winter, so I should be celebrating really.

Now is my glass half full or half empty???

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