Tuesday, February 22, 2005

It's been

Fairly quiet about the house today, if you don't count two different builders coming to look the house over, to give quotes for the work we're planning on having done.

The thoughts of the extension fill me with dread, the thought of managing 4 kids whilst the garden is being dug, the walls are being built, walls are being knocked down...urgh!! The dust etc is going to play havoc with Michael's chest so I think we will be moving out for a while. The thoughts of living with someone else whilst the work is done.....oh for a magic wand to wave it all fixed.......or the winning numbers for the lottery, so we could buy a bigger house and retire to the sun!!

Now back to the real world..................It will be interesting to see how Michael copes with it all.

We had a big fir tree in the garden which DH, and my FIL, cut down. Michael still has problems with the fact that this tree has gone, and been gone best part of 5 months now! Everytime he walks into the garden he says "ooh look" "Daddy cut tree" He then examines the tree stump, "aww tree" "tree cut down"

Autistic kids don't like a change to their normal, and as the extension is going to involve a lot of work, a lot of different people and his whole normal changing...it's going to be interesting!

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