Friday, February 04, 2005

Round Peg - Square hole

Well, it's been a busy day today, what with one thing and another,

We had school assembly today for J. which was lovely to see the work that all the children have been doing so far this term. J. stood and spoke really clearly, when it was his turn, and showed off his work with pride. It was nice to see, and I was very proud of him. They have obviously been working hard and kept busy this half term. I can't believe it's only another week and then they are on holiday again!

We also had a visit from SSD today too, about our respite, we met the carer, lovely lady with buckets of experience. Doesn't seem much would phase her, how can I say I have my reservations, knowing that if I do, we're likely to get the offer of a service withdrawn. I have sat in those meetings, heard the powers that be say, "yes but we offered a service and the family turned it down." It doesn't matter what the reasons behind the families concerns, the service was offered, round peg - square hole!

My reservations are based purely on the carers age, and mobility, and knowing what a toad my son can be for putting on a burst of speed and vanishing. I'm not sure she would be able to catch him if he went. We have agreed to meet with my man, I think she needs to be saying herself that Michael will be too much for her. I maybe way off here, he may be a complete angel for her.....that would not be we'll see.

We also had a visit from the architech today, we put in for planning permission to extend the house, a couple of months before christmas, and the permission came through over the holiday period. The architech has now drawn up the builders plans, which need to go into the council, so they'll go in on Monday. Which gives us about a month to sort out the mortgage, and employ a builder! GULP!!!!

Life sure is going to be fun around here when they start building the extension!! I think I'll be moving out for a while!!

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