Sunday, April 17, 2005

Bear with me

Ok so Mrs totally computer inept managed to screw the whole blog today, so I've had to replace the template, please do not ask how I managed it, because I really don't know, but I managed to lose the bar "A Preemie's Journey" from across the top of my blog!

I saved all my links etc so I could put them back, but I may have lost all the lovely comments that people have been leaving for me!

Not sure I am computer savy enough to be able to find them in order to get them back!!

(Woo HOO for Haloscan! I've put Haloscan back in and with it have come all the coments that you have left :-)

Anyway if you are expecting to see something here, and it isn't around at the momment then please accept my appologies, normal service will hopefully be resumed soon.

But Michael has just got up - mood today - not good!

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