Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Respite - a long tale

Those who read this, will know that things have been a touch shall we say 'shaky' around here, I'm not going to go into too much detail, but my depression monster seems to have resurfaced again, and there are others around here who have been bitten by a similar bug, and are struggling too.

Whilst I was not writing we were going to do an over-night reading, and the last time we saw Michael's resp he suggested making Michael run for 5 minuites and then checking his SAT's to see how long it took him to recover. This apparently would give some idea of lung function.

Anyway long story short, the SAT's machine was broken...wouldn't register the probe. So I rang the Community Nurses, to request another probe, only to discover when she arrived that the machine was indeed broken! wasn't just a dodgy probe!

We had a long chat, about how things are, how things have been and how things are going, A. has known Michael since he was 11 months old, and had his g-peg fitted, she has been the shoulder who picked up on the stress in this house when Michael was doing his "Houdini impersonation." She has seen me in some of my darkest hours. She has been the shoulder who has picked up my wrath on more than one occasion on how things are and have been......

Two days after her visit I got a phone call from the S.Wkr saying that the Community Nurses had phoned to express their concerns about the apparent lack of support coming into the house, ie no respite, etc......

The S.Wkr has referred Michael to a respite unit, and also requested funding for some form of home care, ie an agency or something, so the various options/possibilities are being looked into.

Anyway I did get a phone call from the S.Wkr today, but not about the bruises and burns my son sported to school. But to let me know that she has got funding for 8 hours a week, and that the respite centre are going to look into the possibility of 1 day a month.

Now to find someone to take the others, and I'm laughing!!!

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