Saturday, April 30, 2005

Fish 0 - Michael 1

DH keeps fish, he had a tank of Community Fish on the side in the living room, he loves his fish, "love me, love my fish" as they say.

I say he had a tank of Community Fish, as a couple of weeks ago, Michael wanted to be helpful and feed them!

One large pot of fish food later, and they were floating to the top of the tank!

So the whole tank had to be cleaned and re-stocked, this time he went for Oscars.

When DH and I met 10 years ago he had Oscars, he had 3, called Oscar and the Oscarettes! His pride and joy, and over time they all died off and our family expanded, the room for the tank size they need reduced; So he hasn't kept them for a while, anyway with the extension ongoing DH has decided that he will have Oscars again.

News for you dear if you read this, you almost lost those tonight too!!

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