Monday, April 25, 2005

The Weekend

My Mum came to stay for the weekend which was lovely, my Mum lives 150 miles away so we don't get to see her as often as I would like. So we had a very busy weekend, on Saturday we went to Willows Farm Village. I've never been before, and I wish I'd known about it earlier. It was lovely, we had an amazing day there.

The kids loved it, it had something for them all, we bought feed so that they could feed the animals whilst we were there. We started off in the small animal area, where there were, baby pigs, and goats, and mice, chicks and rabbit's. There was also an animal holding area, a seated area where the children could sit and hold either a rabbit or a guinea pig. These were lovely animals and the kids thoroughly enjoyed holding them. I think Michael could have stayed there all day holding his rabbit.

After we'd held the rabbit's we had a wander around the guinea-pig village. This was a huge barn area, with low brick walls, so you could lean over and stroke the guinea-pigs. There were hutches painted as houses, which the animals could escape into if they so wanted.

From there we had a wander outside, and Michael was really taken with a large Shire Horse, and he spent a long time feeding and stroking the horse. I had to help him hold his hand out flat, so the horse didn't take his fingers as well as the feed. But the sound of Michael giggling as the horse took the feed from out of his hand was lovely to hear.

We then went to feed the sheep, which gained the same kind of reaction from Michael, he thought it was wonderful, the sheep eating out of his hand.

We then went on a tractor ride round part of the farm, which Michael thought was fun, but I can't say he was overly convinced sitting in the trailer on the back of the tractor, and at times appeared to be slightly unsure of the whole thing.

We then did a boat ride around the lake, which was fun, although Michael ended up sandwiched between me and Mum to stop him disappearing over the side!!! Can't say he was too convinced by the life jacket he had to wear. ( Let you into a little secret Grandma put it on the wrong way round to start with!!!)

We then had lunch and after lunch we went back and played on the climbing frames and the fairground. With Michael spending ages just going round and round on the merry go round.

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