Monday, April 18, 2005

New Template!

The idea yesterday morning was to post and fill you in on what had been happening here in Preemiemum's world over the last few days, I went to have a look at the blog mentioned by Suzanne in her comment. I have to admit I was in tears as I read her first post, I could relate to what she had written so well, and somehow whilst altering the template, to add the link to her blog. I, well I don't know what I did.....:-( So we now have a new template around here.

Not sure, what do you think??? I have lost the link to the daily history, and I have to admit this new template is more confusing than the last one, as in, I don't seem to be able to add as much to this one as I could the other. It seems to throw a lot of things to the bottom of the blog, and then removes half of my postings!! So I may have to see how it goes and perhaps revert back to the old template, and start again. So it could be a bit strange around here until I get it sorted!!

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