Saturday, April 30, 2005

Peace at Last!!

Now the toys have been returned to the toy box - why do children always empty their toy-boxes in the door way??? (I almost broke my neck, trying to get to the phone tonight!!)
The fish food has been swept from the carpet and the sofa; and the Postman Pat cake/s swept from out of the living room window sill, it had been crumbled and spread all the way along the sill. I wonder what that was about? I wonder if he was feeding the birds!?!

I have some time to fill you in on the news around here! Well, what a day, it's been a long one!! But fun!!

The extension, before the builders left last night they taped off half the garden, they have demolished part of the house, and started digging a foundation trench; some of their tools are laid on the grass, and the 'job' is all laid out ready for the digger to come in on Tuesday to start on the foundations. Anyway the taped off area's these are supposed to be out-of-bounds areas. -- NO TOUCHY MICHAEL.

It's out of bounds, so therefore, it is where he wants to be, the temptation to just get in there is too great for him to ignore, I walked out into the garden earlier and Michael was building a wall, where the old one used to be!!!

I have to say I'm not too sure how he's coping with the fact that part of the house has been demolished, he keeps repeating, "Naughty man" "cut wall" with Makaton signs. "Naughty man cutta wall" We've tried to explain to him that it's ok, he's not a naughty man, he's a builder, like Bob, and that he's going to build a new wall. Please keep your fingers crossed that at some point in the future Michael doesn't take a hammer to the new walls, like he did with the kitchen cupboards DH had just put in.

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Michaels New Wall

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