Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I am Family

I am not Mum,
Nor am I Dad,
I am Family,

Michael lept out of the taxi tonight ran up the garden path and into my arms and shouted "hello family"

Several times tonight he has called me "family" I'm not sure if this means I have been promoted, or that Michael has suddenly clicked to the fact that he has a family, and that we are what he comes home every night too.

Mr Tumble (Something Special) has a programme on Family, being the 'special people who care and look after you'. It's one of Michael's favourites, I think it's probably starting to sink in with him, that he has a family, that there is Mum and Dad, Brothers and a sister, and that he also has Grandparents too. I'm not sure that Aunts and Uncles fit into his train of thought, as Aunts and Uncles weren't covered in the programme

I wonder if the BBC would do one on saying "I love you" because this is the one thing I know I'll never hear my son say.

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