Thursday, January 12, 2006

LazyTown - my problem

Michael loves LazyTown, He loves the music, the singing, the dancing, the good guy, the bad guy, the bright colours everything.......

BUT............... I have a problem....I don't believe I'm about to post this....I really don't believe that I am about to write what I am about to write.

I need a picture, and if anyone can provide this picture believe me I would be incredibly grateful.. I need a picture of Stephanie's ears! (Believe me it feels really strange asking for this!!)

Image hosted by

No ears...... in any of the pictures of Stephanie, so therefore in my son's little world........ Stephanie has no ears.

Yes, you and I both know, that Stephanies ears are in fact under her big pink wig, we know they are there.......but Michael can't see them, so to him they are missing. Please believe me when I say that it is distressing him greatly that Stephanie has no ears!

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