Wednesday, January 18, 2006

make it myself!

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So what happens when, Mum is upstairs putting clothes away and Michael wants a drink??

He makes it himself, which is wonderful, (ok maybe not,) for most children I guess it would be seen as a step towards independance, and I guess, it is the same for Michael.

BUT the one thing that worries me and sets off warning bells in my head, is his lack of a sense of danger. It's how we balance his need to do things for himself with his awareness of the dangers.

The other kids will come find mum or shout "mum I want a.......??" but not Michael, he never has done.......I want therefore I will have.

If he is going to continue to make himself drinks, then we need to work on; doing it safetly and also making it drinkable!!

The milkshake carton was full, so in that mug of milk is 350gms of powder!! YUCK!!! It didn't dissolve in the milk, there was just too much powder for the milk to cope with it. It just sat in the mug, a pink gloopy mess!!

It just wasn't drinkable, which is a real shame, but on the positive side, he didn't spill the milk which is awesome!!

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