Monday, January 23, 2006

Resp Appointment

I am still wound like a coiled spring waiting to go off, still haven't quite calmed down completly, but am better now than I was earlier. The visit to the Resp turned into a stressful nightmare. From here on in it will have to be two of us that do the medical appointments together, because I cannot face another session like we've had today, it's dangerous.

Collected Michael from school and we toddle off to clinic listening to Stephanie & co pelting out his favourite tunes....get to clinic fine no problems, get weighed when he was weighed in school by the Nurse he was 24kg, when he was weighed by the Doc in clinic he was 24kg, so at best we've put no weight on in 5 months.

Long, long story short, we started off with a peak flow measurement, which Michael just wasn't able to do, doesn't have the lung capacity. No great surprise there to either me or his resp!

As for the sleep study, they want to do one at home, which includes video him having one of his breathing episodes, and take it in with me when we go back on Wednesday. He is going to arrange for Michael to get a pulse ox type machine to wear for 24 hours, so he can see what his 02, pulse levels etc are like over a 24 hour period, we have to include a period of exercise in amongst this too. The probe sits on his finger and the machine straps round his wrist like a watch - dinky little things they are!! But will mean it having to be splinted to his arm. Aren't we just going to love that!!

He cannot arrange another video fluroscopy, but is going to discuss with the SALT at school a feeding assessment done in school.

When I was asked what the referral to the surgeon was about, I told them about the missing boy bits issue, and was told that this should have been done before his first birthday and at latest by the time he was 2. Anyway the registra decided he would see if he could find Michael's "bits", I'm not kidding he poked that hard, he made Michael squeak, but he found the flaming things. He then tells me this is fine, because they're there!!

I know they are there, I'm concerned because they never come down by we will be going back on Wednesday to see the surgeon about his testicles.

All in all, it was a pretty decent run to the hospital, but this is where the red mist descends....

Michael has put on a pretty good showing of why he got his Autism dx this afternoon.

We got out seeing the Dr and went to book another appointment, and Michael opened the double doors out of clinic and shot off down the hall...I went and got him brought him back, and he was throwing himself around, flailing his arms and legs screaming and wailing.

I eventually managed to get him back to the car, and then get him in the car, and he screamed, wailed, shouted, ranted, raved and generally behaved like well an Autistic child...he was throwing things around the inside of the car, he emptied my handbag all over, he was kicking the doors and the dashboard of the car............... and then his party piece, he opened the window and started trying to open the car door, telling me he wants "out the car".

So I stopped, put him in the back of the car, with the child lock's on, and drove the rest of the way home with him wailing, crying, kicking, screaming, throwing things, I'm trying desperatly to keep one eye on the road, and one eye on him to make sure he wasn't clambering out the window.

What was it all about???? What caused this earth shattering major melt-down????

A chocolate biscuit - he wanted & I didn't have....

So I was just a tiny bit stressed when we got home, and I have it all to look forward to again on Wednesday.

Lucky me

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