Wednesday, January 11, 2006

An Update of sorts!

So what has been happening on this Preemie's journey over the last month or so, since I actually sat down and wrote anything properly!

We had a visit with the Paed, who overall, was pleased with Michael, despite dodgy scales and height measuring equipment, his height and weight are good! We had a discussion about certain area's of a little boys anatomy that have not put in an appearance yet!! So she has said she'll follow up our GP's referal letter, with one of her own. So we're now waiting on an appointment with the surgeon!

I also mentioned my concerns that Michael may have some adenoid issues, and what was the possibility of a referral to Ear Nose and Throat?? Before I knew where we are, we're talking about how obstructive sleep apnea is a possibility.

Apparently this is not uncommon in children who have the kind of swallowing issues that Michael has, the throat collapses whilst they the Paed has said she will write to Michael's Resp, requesting an assessment of Michael's sleep.

We have an appointment with the Resp at the end of the month, so I'll let you know how that goes!

The Dietician has changed Michael's formula - is that what it's called or is it more a liquid feed?!

Anyway, we are no longer on Nutrini we now have Tentrini, and instead of 200ml bottles we now have to find space for 500ml bottles!! Tiny things they are - yeah - who am I kidding, they're huge, they are bigger than a pint glass!

We also managed to feed him with completly the wrong feed for a week - yes I know that makes me an appalling mother, the bottles are the same, the labels are the same colour, this was our first shipment of this feed, and neither I nor DH, actually realised till we opened the next box that what we'd been feeding Michael up until that point was adult feed!! Luckily he appears to have survived without any harm being done!

I guess the downside of playing this game for any length of time is that you think you can do it in your sleep..........when something like this happens and you realise that you can't!

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