Wednesday, January 25, 2006


We had a trip back to the same hospital we were at on Monday today! I wasn't looking forward to it, the thought of a repeat of Monday, was more than I could cope with, so DH came today too......

The last couple of nights I've had to video Michael sleeping, and making all kinds of weird and wonderful noises, to hand over to his Resp today. So this morning was spent desperatly trying to remove what I'd filmed from off the Camcorder and onto a CD to take with me...didn't work, so we had to do it the old fashioned way of recording it from the TV.

There were a couple of occasions last night whilst I was filming him, where I actually wondered if he'd stopped breathing, I could feel my heart racing, thinking do I poke him? Or do I leave him? Am I seeing things?? Am I having a flash-back to NICU days when he used to regularly stop breathing and we had to flick his feet to get him started off again! Am I losing my marbles?? (Don't answer that one!!)

Michael hasn't coped very well with seeing himself sleeping, and I'm not sure if it's not the noise he makes whilst he's sleeping that's worried him, but we had to turn it off whilst he was around.

So anyway, this afternoon we trotted off to see the Paediatric Surgeon, who examined Michael and said, "hmm not a lot there is there?

Anyway he needs a double Orchidopexy, because of Michael's lung issues we have to be admitted into the ward, and because he needs double surgery it may mean that they aren't able to do both at the same time, depends on how complicated it is, there seems to be some thought that one may be caught up in the scar tissue from his hernia operation.

In other news Michael himself was a dream! No repeat of Monday at all! Might just have to take DH with me next time!!

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