Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Why, Why, Why

I went to a meeting at school last night to discuss the new homework packs that will be coming home on a weekly basis from school. They look like fun, all based around Nursery Rhymes and teaching children communication and writing skills without ever having to pick up a pencil!

But I was talking to Michael's teacher and some of the other Mum's and we got onto the subject of Why? questions.

Michael has been asking lots of why questions just recently, he wants to know the why's of everything.

But I have to say the following conversation he had with his teacher made me laugh.

The conversation followed a session they were doing on Humpty Dumpty, the egg that sat on the wall.

Michael said to his teacher, "Why did Humpty break?"

To which his teacher replied "Because he's an egg Michael"

Michael then returns with "Why is Humpty an egg??"

ERRRRR!! Because he is - doesn't cut it with Michael!!

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