Saturday, January 14, 2006

LazyTown the Saga!!

And so it continues,

we had melt down this morning over the Lazy Town album, not wanting it on the CD player in the house............ but in the car! I had thought putting it on in the house so we could listen to it before we left for Saturday Club, would be a good idea....didn't take me long to discover, it wasn't one of my better ideas!

It went on in the car on the way to Saturday Club, it was on in the car on the way home from Saturday Club and it followed us into the house........where it has been in the CD player all day!!

So we have sung and danced along to LazyTown's Album .......

Click here : this is the Nick Jnr Radio page if you move the dial to the picture of Sporticus you too can sing along with Lazy Town.......... believe me, they are those types of songs that get in your head, and you'll find yourself humming!!!

So now the million dollar question is - do I do him any favors, in pandering to his "obsessions" should we realistically be working towards losing this behavior?

If so how??? (Ok I know that's two questions!!)

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