Saturday, January 14, 2006

Saturday Club

This was a whole new adventure for us this morning, we've not done Saturday Club before...

Michael's school run a club on a Saturday morning, for the children with Autism and their siblings, they had a place become available and wanted to know if we wanted it for Michael.

So this morning, after our little session with the Lazy Town album, we all went off to school to see what it was like.

J, unfortunatly fell outside the main door to the school, which managed to put a dampner on his enthusiasm, but when I got out from cleaning up the war-wound, Daddy was throwing himself into the "keep-fit" activity that was going on, trying to encourage Michael to join in.

Michael was somewhat confused by being in school, but doing something totally different to what he would normally be doing. His classroom was locked, only some of his class mates were there, his teacher wasn't it took him a little while to adjust to being there to do something different, and I have to confess to starting to wonder if we'd done the right thing in bringing them. J, with his injury took a long time to actually come round, and for a while no amount of persuasion etc, would get him to budge.

But can I say they had a ball, they had a wonderful time, after keep fit, they got the choice to do Computer's, Art or Cookery.

This is the point at which both Michael and F. thawed out, they opted for Cookery, making Pizza's. Both love cooking, so really threw themselves into rolling out dough, spreading tomato sauce on the pizza base and then the cheese etc!!

After going to look around the other rooms I ended up in cookery with J too, but he didn't want to take part, he just sat in the corner looking and feeling really miserable, so DH made his Pizza!! He does find it difficult going into a new enviroment, filled with people he doesn't know, so the fall just added insult to injury with him.

But by the time snack time, and outside play-time came even J had a grin on his face, as he scooted round the play-ground on a two wheeled scooter.........

On the way home the three of them chatting excitedly about what a nice time they'd had and wanting to know if they could go back tomorrow!!!! So I think this may have been a success!!

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